Knoll-Edge Preschool




Knoll-Edge values outdoor activities.  Even as infants, the children are taken out twice daily for walks on the Rail-Trail.  Being close to the train station, we chose a fifteen foot train for our playground.  The children use the train for climbing and imaginative play.

We also have a new bike path next to the playground.  Tricycles and push carts are used to help develop muscles used for peddling.  Our perennial garden is a new addition.  Adding plants to our garden is an ongoing process!




Drama and Music

We have four original preschool performances each year.  Our first is a fall sing-a-long, followed by the First Thanksgiving, The Nutcracker, and an end of the year show, which is different each year and corresponds with our curriculum.

The children love to be involved in the programs, from learning lines to singing and making costumes.  The big payoff is when their families come in to see the shows!  In addition, we have daily music and creative movement in all our classrooms.




Foreign Language

Foreign language is offered on a weekly basis in our Pre-school Programs. It is offered to everyone and is included in the rate of tuition. Foreign language units frequently follow the curriculum unit being “worked on” in the classroom, therefore become especially meaningful.