Knoll-Edge Preschool




Ages 8 weeks - 15 months

The day consists of soft music, stories, sensory and movement activities, and outside time. We have loving and nurturing teachers who will offer a stimulating environment to foster your baby’s growth and development.


Privately owned for over 25 years


Toddler Programs

Ages 15 months - 2 years 9 months

Toddlers learn from playing in a warm, inviting environment with familiar activities. Every day is a new experience based on their natural curiosity. The children sing, dance, climb structures, paint, dress-up, use sensory materials, listen to stories and play outside.

Through these experiences, the children develop language, motor and social skills. Our Toddler teachers are kind, caring people who have chosen to work with this magical age group.


Decidedly Different and Award Winning Programs


Preschool Programs

Ages 2 years 9 months to 6
Full-Time Year Round Programs and Half-Day School Year Programs

Knoll-Edge offers an innovative approach to early childhood Pre-school programming. We employ instructional methods which appeal to different learning styles and work to incorporate all disciplines – language arts, math, science, drama, and music – into each unit. The children are not grouped, but rather work individually with each classroom teacher during the day, and play together as a whole.

Working individually with each child allows us to appreciate where each child is in his or her own development, and allows us to offer each child the opportunity to grow at his or her own pace. It is the process that matters to us, not the product. The children are given ample time for exploration and socialization with different teacher personalities and styles. This is our team teaching approach. We have found that this approach to early childhood education promotes independent learners and enables children to learn to cooperate and thrive in an environment of their peers. Our goal is for each child to always be actively engaged. No activity at Knoll-Edge is ever routine.